Good Sports: Clovis West swimmer Abby Samansky

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- One look at Clovis West junior Abby Samansky in the pool and you'll see an elite swimmer. But head coach Adam Reid says it's a complete change from where she was as a freshman. "Never could have anticipated that she'd be where she is right now," said Reid who is in his 8th year coaching the Golden Eagles.

When told what her coach said Samansky laughed saying, "I agree with that 100%. Going into freshman year, I just wanted to make varsity. I wanted to be a varsity swimmer, and that was it for me."

Samansky made varsity her freshman year, and thanks to her intense work ethic, she has made herself into one of the top swimmers in the state. "She's been training year-round," Reid said. "She also plays water polo in the fall, but she also swims in the mornings."

At this year's section finals, she set four CIF records, first in the 100 m and 200 m freestyle, then with the 200 m and 400 m relay teams. "Going into Saturday, I was super pumped and had a lot of adrenaline because I was just like 'Woo!'," Samansky said. "Because I knew there was a chance I could make the record because I had been so close before."

Saturday she hopes to improve on a fourth-place finish at the state meet, but with colleges knocking on her door, her swim career is just getting started. "She just keeps getting better and better so we'll definitely be seeing her at the collegiate level for sure," Reid said. "Beyond that, the sky's the limit."

"I would really love to make the Olympic team," Samansky said. "I feel like with the coaches and the environment made by the team I feel like that would definitely be a possibility."

Friday's preliminary diving finals begin at 8:30 AM at Clovis West with swim starting at 2:30 PM. The finals begin at the same times on Saturday.
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