Good Sports: Alex Furr

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno State women's basketball player Alex Furr recalls the moment her basketball career turned down a different path. "I was playing defense and a girl was bringing the ball down, did a quick crossover, went to change directions and then pop-- my knee went, I fell on the ground and felt like I was screaming for hours," said Furr.

Just 8 games into her second season, Furr tore her ACL/MCL Meniscus in her left knee ending her season and in her first practice the following year, she suffered another setback. "I tore my knee on a non-contact layup, I knew I could get through another rehab physically, but I was going to have to prepare mentally to step back on the floor."

Furr was forced to sit out the 2012-2013 season and during that second round of rehab she trained, worked with a sports psychologist and read motivational material, while gaining a new appreciation of the game from the sideline. "I just feel thankful for every second I get to be on the floor, because, I know, at any given moment, it can be taken away-- so I try to play as hard as I can."

The Fresno State women's basketball coach added, "She's just really kind of a miracle in a way, not many kid's go through what she's been through and continue to play. She's gone through so much in her career, she's won at the highest level and now going into her senior year, she's the heart of our program."

With two season-ending injuries, Furr was granted a sixth year of eligibility by the NCAA and is looking forward to her final season with the Bulldogs, "I'm just trying to be the senior that I wanted as a freshman. I'm just trying to mold them into the type of player that this program needs."
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