Good Sports: City-County All-Star Football Game

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Football in June means one thing: the annual City-County All-Star Football Game is here. (KFSN)

Football in June means one thing: the annual City-County All-Star Football Game is here. From Madera to McLane, some of the top seniors in the Valley will put on the pads and play a competitive game for the very last time. They've traded so many stickers over the past couple of weeks, it's hard to tell which school they represent.

"You know, we talked about being a blue-collar team. We're the county boys, and that was how it was back in '91 when I played, and it's just kind of an attitude I think. Because the city kids, they've got the flash, and we know that, and we'll just have to come and play some blue-collar football," said Madera head coach Bonner Cunnings.

Lamonica Stadium will once again play host to this all-star game. The city squad is ready to make it three straight wins and five out of the last six.

"Well I tell you what, for a head football coach, to be able to coach the talent of these kids, and the character of these kids, we've had a great two weeks. You know, going to Children's Hospital was amazing for our kids. Knowing we're doing this for the Boys & Girls Club and other sponsors. But, you know it's just been a great experience. I mean, as a head coach, you can't want more than this," said McLane head coach Pete Joseph.

Our cameras were there a week before the game when players from each team visited Valley Children's Hospital and met with dozens of young patients in Madera County.

"It was just, it was really powerful to see. You know, how the kids brightened up when they saw us. How we were able to use the pedestal we're on right now to go out to the community and make a difference, and make a difference especially in the lives of those who are struggling right now," added Buchanan wide receiver Marcus Cummins.

"Ohhh, it was awesome. The children there were great. It was a really fun experience hanging out with those brave kids in the hospital. It's real great to hang out and see them. You know, I think I feel like we had an impact on them when we visited them," said Coalinga offensive lineman Rafael Rico.

A positive impact both on and off the field made by these young men. Once enemies, each team now features new allies that'll join forces one more time on the football field.
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