Good Sports: CJ Albertson sets a world record but remains focused on building a program at Clovis Community

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- With the sun starting to rise over Woodward Park, CJ Albertson gets ready for what he does best.

"I just kind of run and do races and do my thing. I don't really expect people to notice."

The 25-year-old started running marathons last year. He's run in the Bakersfield, Modesto, and Two Cities Marathons - and not only won all three but set course records along the way. Then at the New York Indoor Marathon, he set a world record.

"To me it was just running. I know that sounds weird but when you're locked into a race you don't really think about anything else."

For Albertson, the record is no big deal.

"Yeah I did set a world record but there's still a lot of other people I consider better than me."

The record wouldn't have happened if not for his wife Chelsey, a fellow runner he met at Arizona State.

"I said 'Do it for the kids so that when you're recruiting you can tell them you're the world record holder."

Those kids - the cross country team at Clovis Community. In his first year as a coach and the Crush's first year as a program, both the men's and women's team made it to state.

"If I had envisioned a dream scenario this would have been it."

When he's not coaching or training, the world record holder teaches health at the school.

Right now though, his main study is to be the best runner he can be. And he's doing it his own way.

"He does things different than how other people do them like in running and just in life. He likes to experiment with food and different exercises."

Unlike other runners who might move to train at elevation, Albertson is comfortable staying in Clovis.

"That's my goal to be here for the long term. That's special and that people want to be a part of that has a long-lasting legacy or dynasty. I mean it's only been a year so I can't really use those words yet but that's what I'm envisioning."

"People think I'm crazy but I think I'm just a normal person who runs a lot."
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