Good Sports: Fresno City Soccer 8/24

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Listen to Oliver Germond, head coach for the Fresno City's women's soccer team or to Eric Solberg, head coach of the men's team.

But things get crazy similar when you examine their history.

First, their time with the Rams. Solberg is entering his 20th season.

Germond--getting ready for this 18th year at the helm.

"It gives me the chills just thinking about it right now."

The men's team beat Taft 2-0 to win a state championship.

"Getting the hundreds of texts. Literally hundreds of texts over the next," said Solberg.

But his girls pulled out a 2-0 win against Santa Barbara to get their own state title.

"He always comes up to me and says 'Hey can you imagine if you lost how bad you would have felt?" said Germond.

Both coaches enter the season with wins--meaning the chase is now on to reach 300 first.

That playful competition, a key to success for these two coaches.

"I came in and he was kind of my mentor and I think we've done a good job to make both our programs better."

While this story is about the two coaches and the relationship they have formed--both realize their success isn't about them.

"Obviously winning is great but I feel like winning rewards us to help our kids transfer and when you've been here this long you have to find something that really drives you and to see our kids' transfer is what keeps me going."

"Your players win the games there are a few games where you walk off and think man I think I won us the game but most of the time it's the players. Don't tell them that."
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