Good Sports: Fresno State's Brenna Moss

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Every softball team facing Fresno State so far this season knew that to have any success, they would have to stop senior Brenna Moss. Perhaps not surprisingly, very few have had any luck.

"My expectations are really high for myself," Moss said. "There's a target on my back. I don't take that as a threat at all. I take it as a challenge and I love that. It's competitive and I love that."

"She's a very special player," head coach Trisha Ford said of her player. "We're so fortunate to have her in our program. I love having her. I love watching her play the game. There are some athletes you just love watching play the game, and she's definitely one of them."

The Bakersfield native came into this week batting an astronomical .472, leading the Mountain West and good for 15th in the country. Moss also leads the Bulldogs in runs, doubles, total bases, and steals. To say she's the spark plug of the Bulldog engine would be an understatement.

"Honestly I think it's just that I know this is my last year here so I'm just having fun with it," Moss said with a smile. "Just go with the flow and relax a little bit, and you play better when you relax like that and it helps a lot."

It's not only between the chalk lines where Moss has stepped up her game. She was named a team captain before the season, and has taken on the added leadership responsibilities seamlessly.

"She was already one of those players that everybody already looked up to, but she's taken on that responsibility and she's really run with it," Ford said. "It's been a great learning process for her, she'll tell you that too, and she's done a great job."

And she's given the Central Valley someone to cheer for, taking her title of a Valley Girl seriously while hoping to start a trend.

"I love representing the Valley," Moss said proudly. "And I think if we can get more girls that are talented to stay here and represent, it's awesome. And it's especially awesome having the people who love you around you to support you."

"She's somebody I know who represents Fresno State, our athletic department; she represents the Valley," Ford added. "She's just somebody we're very blessed to have in our program and I know she's going to make a big name for herself."

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