Good Sports: Fresno Wheelers

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A local program is giving hope to Central Valley children. Meet the Fresno Wheelers, a basketball team in Valley Children's Hospital adaptive sports program.

"It's really fun. I've always said people don't have a lot of expectations of her when she's playing on a normal team because she's just out there playing," said Joanna Woodyatt who's daughter Allison plays for the Wheelers.

Since 2012, the Fresno wheelers have been providing opportunities for Central Valley athletes to play basketball.

"It's not something every person, they can learn how to play it. I can actually control it and know how to do it," said Wheelers basketball player Allison Woodyatt.

Players cite the team as a way to have fun, exercise while growing confidence at the same time.

"He (my son Shawn) would have never tried track before this, but now because of this, he's moved on to track. We've done tons of stuff with Valley Children's like water skiing, rock climbing, horseback riding," said parent Jeff Vanaman.

Life changing skills, all made possible through the power of sports.
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