Good Sports: Warriors avoid distractions and try to focus ahead of Finals game

It seems the lights shine a little brighter this time of year

For Laton native Ron Adams, it doesn't get any better.

From 2015 to 2018, Adams was chosen by a vote of 30 general managers as the best assistant coach in the NBA. The former head coach at Fresno State and Fresno Pacific says his coaching message this time of year actually simplifies.

"If fans think there's some Knute Rockne level speech that goes on at halftime you're barking up the wrong tree. Think the number one adjustment that you make is focus and intensity," he says.

Stopping by a Finals practice, it would seem focus could be an issue.

"There's just so much distractions from playing in high school to college and then becoming a pro, it's nothing new to me," says Kawhi Leonard.

Maybe it's nothing new for a former Finals MVP but let's paint a picture - think Super Bowl-level coverage for basketball. Three to four hundred reporters surround practice and when it ends, they are allowed to rush the court.

This is happening while Klay Thompson is still on the floor getting in extra shots. 'Watch for his feet' was something frequently yelled by Warriors staff.

"There's only so many games left here so you know you want to end them on a good note," says Andre Iguodala.

Aside from the madness on the court, in the stands there's another media obligation. Riley Morrison, the girl who wrote the viral letter to Steph Curry, was interviewing the two-time MVP for Good Morning America.

Amidst it all - a chance at history. The Warriors are looking to become the first team to win three straight titles since the Kobe and Shaq Lakers.

"When you just stop and reflect on it, it's absolutely amazing," says Adams.
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