Modesto teen who went blind from cancer at 7 celebrates his first touchdown

Getting the football into the end zone is a challenge for any player - but imagine not being able to see "the defense" in front of you.

13-year-old Jasen Bracy went blind at the age of seven - as a result of retinal cancer.

But the Modesto teen and his dad are proving anyone can play football.

Jasen's father directs his son on the field using a microphone and a speaker inside his son's helmet.

And last weekend, that father-son dynamic worked - when Jasen scored his first touchdown.

"The feeling I had was great because it's my first touchdown in my first year of playing football," he said.

Jasen isn't stopping with the big score.

He now has his sights set on throwing a touchdown as a quarterback -- and then making a sack on defense.
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