FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The first Fresno State game of the season brings with it renewed promise and new features for the fans.

The Bulldogs game experience figured to be louder and brighter this season with replays on a new high definition video screen. The $900,000 video board demands your attention.

Associate athletic director Paul Ladwig said, "When our fans come into the stadium tonight, a high definition HD scoreboard, a brand new sound system. They're going to watch skydivers jump out of the sky and land at the center of the field."

From high atop his perch above the stadium Chad Igoya will scan the action and with the touch of a finger will get folks fired up.

Igoya explained, "Say we got an interception, a pick six on that play I can quickly throw up touchdown."

Player introductions will also feature new graphics.

Igoya is the board's game day operator. He said, "We're going to be running two HD cameras from our broadcast truck so you'll definitely be able to notice the difference in quality."

ANC Sports also installed video boards for the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants.

Fans will even have new food choices at the game.

Ladwig said, "The Fresno State hot dog that is made right here on campus is going to be sold in the concession stands."

If you don't attend games you can still pick the beef hot dogs up at the Fresno State Farm Market.

Also, fans in the red, white and blue lots surrounding the stadium can tail-gate all night long if they wish. They no longer have to pack it up at kickoff.

But keep in mind there are still no in-and-out privileges at the game.

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