VIDEO: A look at Raiders QB Derek Carr's new 'Monster' receiver

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Quarterbacks in the NFL like a nice big target to receive the ball. At the Oakland Coliseum on Thursday, Raiders Pro-Bowl quarterback Derek Carr found the biggest target of all -- a Monster Truck named "Zombie."

Carr made multiple passes to the moving Monster Truck, hitting it in the hands (yup, this truck has hands) and even through the window while in motion. The QB had his family in attendance as he chucked footballs from the stands. Zombie's driver Colt Stephens took some time to show them around and let Carr fire up the truck's 1,500 horsepower engine.

Monster Jam takes over the home of the Oakland Raiders this weekend, with shows on Saturday and Sunday. You may not recognize the playing surface as these vehicular behemoths take over what used to be a field. Over 50 million pounds of dirt have been dumped inside the stadium to accommodate the SuperCross races two weeks ago, and Monster Jam this weekend.

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VIDEO: ABC7 Special: Monster Jam - Under the Hood
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