Oregon-based Rogue brewery unveils Sriracha Hot Stout beer

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Thursday, December 11, 2014
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Rogue brewery has unveiled a new beer that's made with Sriracha hot chili sauce

NEWPORT, OR -- An Oregon brewery is trying to spice things up by rolling out a new beer that's both hot and cold.

Rogue brewery just unveiled its new Sriracha Hot Stout beer. It's made with hops and hot chili sauce to give it a very unique flavor.

"Everybody has their own preference," Michael Higgins of Rogue brewery says. "You really gotta find that sweet medium where you get good spice and you deliver on the promise of Sriracha, but you don't, you know, burn somebody's taste buds."

The American Chemical Society recently took a deeper, tastier look at exactly what makes the yummy, spicy garlic-pepper hot sauce so delicious.

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When your tongue tastes Sriracha, the body releases endorphins to fight the burning of the hot chilies. In return for making it less painful, it makes the hot sauce more delicious.

NPR says it's the same reaction your body has when you eat a mint or suck on a cough drop.

So is Sriracha beer delicious? Rogue claims early testing was a big hit and expects big sales. Unfortunately for hot sauce fans, you can only buy it online or in Rogue pubs in the northwest.

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