Storms could impact burn scar areas, city streets, citrus harvest

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Ronald Mcdowell had some spare time on Tuesday, so he used it to prepare for the incoming storms.

He filled sand bags near Visalia's corporation yard.

"When it rains, the water from the roof comes over the patio," Mcdowell said. "So I think I'll stop it for a while."

In advance of the storms, The National Weather Service in Hanford has issued winter weather advisories in the mountains and wind advisories for the Valley and foothills.

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They're also expecting significant rainfall for the Valley, between 1-1.75 inches.

That would bring the area back to average winter rain totals, after a rather dry spell in November.

"This will be a nice little boost for us to kind of get back on track to where we want to be for precipitation," said NWS Meteorologist Andy Bollenbacher. "I think we're all glad that we're getting it. It's just when it comes down all at once, potentially over burn scars, we have the potential impact, weather-related impact, weather-related hazards."

The weather service has also issued a flash flood threat for the Southern Sierra Nevada Wednesday evening through Thursday morning.

They say flooding or ponding is also possible in urban areas.

Visalia city officials say crews have been keeping the roads clear and are ready to respond to any storm-related problems.

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This week's precipitation will likely interrupt the harvest of some citrus, and could affect the quality of the fruit too.

"There's a lot of damage that could happen to the fruit if we're picking it wet," said California Citrus Mutual's Alyssa Houtby. "So if it gets picked wet, it opens up the fruit to potential damage, potential rot, so we avoid that."

And while Mcdowell hopes to avoid any large water flows on his patio, he's welcoming the rain with wide-open arms.

"I think it's nice, I like this," he said. "We need the water. We need the snow. So bring it!"

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