Strathmore woman proposes solutions to busy intersection where hit and run happened

STRATHMORE, Calif. (KFSN) -- Avenue 196 runs right through the heart of Strathmore.

It's a busy road and in some spots, a dangerous one, despite previous efforts to make it safer.

Several years ago, the crosswalk at Avenue 196 and Road 230 got flashing lights, so people could push a button, activate the lights, and walk safely across the busy street.

But Michell Lamb, who lives with her husband next to the intersection, says she's seen a rise in the number of car accidents within the last year, and some close calls involving pedestrians.

"I've been out here in the yard and had to turn my back and plug my ears because I thought people were going to get hit," Lamb said.

Lamb says they've seen plenty of animals get hit.

Earlier this month, they thought it could be another one, but this time, it turned out to be a fourteen-year-old girl, hit while walking in the crosswalk.

She suffered major injuries, and the California Highway Patrol is still looking for the driver of the car that took off.

They say the car could be a red four-door sedan, and it would have damage to its front end.

"Hearing the sound was just horrible, and I knew it was not a crunch of cars," Lamb said.

Lamb says she has proposed multiple solutions to her county supervisor, including installing a street light or more flashing lights as drivers approach the crosswalk.

She thinks some drivers just don't see it.

Lamb also thinks the area could be patrolled better and believes the speed should be lowered---it's 45 miles per hour.

She says cars will drag race along the stretch of road too.

Tulare County Supervisor Kuyler Crocker says he's aware of the dangers at the intersection and says he and county staff will be reviewing any other options that could enhance its safety.
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