Meet the Los Angeles artist known as the LA Hope Dealer

LOS ANGELES -- Artist Corie Mattie is known for jumping at the opportunity to use her art for good.

Mattie is the founder of the LA Hope Dealer, a creative movement that aims to offer human connection and hope. She launched this movement in response to the coronavirus pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests.

"It's really important for people to give back to the community and I think with art, you can really portray messages that speak to people," Mattie said.

Mattie also contributed her artwork to the Feed SoCal campaign, designing a special t-shirt to help raise money for people experiencing food insecurity due to COVID-19.

"I wanted to bring some innocence to the design, so I thought of my niece instantly," Mattie said.

The artist began sketching the design of her niece holding an ice cream cone with the word "hope" etched into the desert, to portray the message that she's holding hope in her hands.

"A series of unfortunate events could literally put anyone in a place where they need help," Mattie said. "And I think that now more than ever people need help."