Local districts increasing pay for substitute teachers

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Several districts are in desperate need of substitute teachers and now, Central Unified is raising the stakes. The board voted last night to increase substitute teacher pay.

Central Unified voted to raise the daily rate from $125 to $165 and another local district is now paying $200 a day.

"Before COVID, we had about 55 subs that were on our regular roster," said Superintendent of Schools for Coalinga-Huron Unified School District Lori Villanueva. "Now, we're down to 25."

"Having skilled subs that know our systems, that know our schools and how routines flow is critical," said Ketti Davis Acting Superintendent for Central Unified.

Central Unified made the call last night to raise its daily substitute rate to $165 and if a sub works for the district over 20 days, that number increases to $185.

"We believe it's both a show of support and a necessity for how important they are in keeping our educational program going," added Davis.

They're not the only ones. Coalinga Huron Unified School District is raising its daily rate to $200 a day.

"Because we have a lot of situations with people either quarantined because of COVID or if they've been exposed, their families been exposed, people need to be out and that's created quite a difficult sub situation for us," explained Villanueva.

The rate for long-term assignments is $220 a day, making it one of the highest-paying districts in the region.

"We know we're somewhat isolated and we want to make sure it's attractive for people to come out here," said Villanueva.

Retired teachers coming back to substitute will make even more. The districts are working to make the application as easy and expedited as possible. If you're interested in subbing for either of these districts visit edjoin.org.
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