Suspects threaten to fight driver, teen passenger after road rage incident in Visalia

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Visalia police say 25-year-old Joseph Salazar and 19-year-old Tony Sisson threatened a mother and her 13-year-old daughter while leaving a shopping center on Ben Maddox and Noble Tuesday night.

Investigators say the suspects claim they were cut off by the car, then got out at the stoplight to confront them.

This was moments after police say Sisson brandished a taser at the mother while challenging her to fight.

Visalia Police Sergeant Celestina Sanchez says it's unclear what sparked the road rage incident. Still, the victims turned the tables on their aggressors and followed them almost three miles to Mineral King and Locust while on the line with 911.

"The reporting party was able to provide dispatch with updated information," Sanchez said. "A dispatch was relaying that to officers."

Police say although witness accounts are important, following your aggressors could be dangerous.

"Avoid making any contact with them," Sanchez said. "Just try to be a good witness. Get a good description, clothing description, vehicle description and license plate, if possible."

Officers searched the suspected car and found more than 100 vaping pens, marijuana oil and other marijuana paraphernalia.

Sisson was booked in the Tulare County Jail for threatening the victim with a stun gun. Salazar was booked for child endangerment, battery and transporting and sales of marijuana.

Visalia Police said if you think an aggressive driver is following you, call 911 and drive to your nearest law enforcement station.

They add you should keep your doors locked while driving in case someone tries to get in.
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