Sweet Thistle Farms Domestic Club offers multiple home skill lessons

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- If you're feeling crafty or hoping to sharpen your skills in the kitchen, a new subscription service has the classes for you.

"Cooking how to cook with cast iron, baking and then more modern domestic things like how to use pre-sets, take better pictures with your iPhone," says Sarah Shoffner with Sweet Thistle Farms. "We'll be doing pottery classes. "

The Domestic Club is a monthly club meeting at Sweet Thistle Farms or an offsite location where you can learn canning, flower arranging, make a holiday wreath, pumpkin succulents and a number of 21st century home skills.

"They're skills that I've had that my grandparents taught me, that we've gotten away from with how busy we are or the instant gratification we can get a meal or stop by a store and pick something up," Shoffner said.

Shoffner has offered workshops for years and found a growing market for those hoping to put their personal flare on their homes or gifts.

"Something you put thought into that you get creative," she said. "Whether it's a canning gift, you can put cookies in a jar, you can do all kinds of stuff to give something personal. "

Domestic Club meets the second Wednesday or Thursday of the month at 6 pm at the Sweet Thistle and Rocky Oaks Farms.

The monthly fee includes the cost of supplies and take-home gifts.

You may even get a chance encounter with a baby goat. No kidding. The subscription starts at a monthly rate of $130 or you can buy groups of classes at a discounted rate.

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