Bear breaks into California family's car, forages for food

SAN FRANCISCO -- Fewer people are heading to Lake Tahoe because of the pandemic and biologists say bears face more challenges finding meals since there's less garbage in the area.

Some bears are foraging in the wild to find their next meal.

But others are sniffing near homes for potential snacks left behind by humans.

One northern California family learned how quickly a bear can strike, especially when you leave food inside a parked and unlocked SUV.

"He got the Hot Cheetos and he left, so about two minutes. He's visited a few times my car," said Kim Campbell. "He's left a few trails of mud, tore up some CDs, ate a few pairs of sunglasses. But all in all, not too much damage."

Wildlife experts say it's important to never leave food or any scented products inside your vehicle.

They also suggest putting trash inside special, bear-resistant dumpsters.
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