Minarets High School produces weekly online videos for students to connect

MADERA COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- One Valley high school is working hard to keep students' spirits high this semester.

Senior Joseph Langley says he remembers when Minarets High School closed their doors.

"One of my friends just turned to me one day and was like, 'There's a lot of people we just might not see again'. And that was sort of the moment that it set in and I was like, 'Yeah I guess there's just no goodbye," says Langley.

While adapting to a new online environment, he and his fellow students decided they were going to make the most of the circumstances.

"We aren't going to be remembered as the class that didn't have a graduation, we're going to be remembered as the class that had this instead," says Langley. "(The class) that took this opportunity, stood up, who knew we were ready for the world because we're already in it."

Staff at Minarets High School stepped up to the challenge, producing weekly videos for 'Tasty Tuesdays', 'Workout Wednesdays' and 'Thoughtful Thursdays'.

"We're a project-based learning school that preaches 'learn by doing', so we know that involves humor, that involves activity, that involves multimedia," explains Principal Dr. Daniel Ching. "As staff, we thought - How can we make this fun and make students feel connected with us?"

Social Science teacher Kaitlin Morgan adds it's "just to be silly, just to connect with them... as much as it's for the kids, it's also for me, just to feel like I'm connecting and doing something."

The school also started sending out senior acceptance photos and has plans for a virtual graduation.

"All these different details have really combined to prove the Minarets community is indestructible," says Langley.

As for the weekly videos? They won't be ending any time soon.

You can check them out on the Minarets High School Youtube channel.
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