Tears shed as murder evidence presented

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Tears shed on both sides of the courtroom Tuesday, as prosecutors showed evidence against 21-year-old Lorenzo Anderson in the 2016 murder of a Hoover High School student.

Anderson is accused of using Facebook to set up marijuana transactions, with the intent of robbing the people who thought they'd be buying weed.

17-year-old Andrew Vann was one of the targets and it cost him his life.

Detectives believe it was Anderson who snatched Vann's weed, but an accomplice who shot and killed him. His accomplice has never been identified.

"Contrary to what the prosecution is trying to present, he is not a cold-blooded killer, he's a human being who should not have been there at that time," said Anderson's attorney Roberto Dulce.

Tuesday, a detective continued his testimony-saying he has proof from Anderson's Facebook he had the intent to commit a dangerous crime, where he admitted in a message he was going to commit a 'lick' that day, street language for robbery, or theft.

Next, the coroner who performed the autopsy on Vann took the stand--and the prosecutor showed pictures of his body and wounds.

That image didn't only bring Vann's family to tears, it brought Anderson to tears too, and didn't look at the rest of the autopsy pictures.

"Mr. Anderson was getting teary because like everybody else he is very sorry as to what happened to Andrew Vann," says Dulce.

Anderson is also accused of taking part in a robbery with a very similar setup less than two weeks before Vann's murder, at the exact same location, also set up through Facebook, and with an accomplice. That robbery also ended with shots being fired at the victims, but they both survived, one of those victim's description of the suspect matched Anderson, but Anderson's attorney denies he was there.

Anderson is facing life in prison.
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