Largest technology competition back in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Channelle Charest is showing off one of her greatest achievements. It is not just another app it's her app.

"If you are in the local area, you can search for a tattoo artist around you," said Charest.

She has been tattooing Fresnans for six years and "Tat-Stat" will make hers and many other artists jobs a lot easier.

"We built this app to help tattoo artists to help fill their books with appointments," said Charest.

Charest was able to make her idea a reality with the help of her business partner, she markets and the codes.

They are both competing in one of the biggest challenges they have ever faced.

"Everyone is feeling nervous right now," said Charest.

It's called 59 days of code.

"Our competitors compete for 59 days they're writing new projects, new code, new apps and it comes together at the end when they show what they have done to the public," said 59 Days of Code Executive Director Rebecca Olson.

Developers, designers, and entrepreneurs, from across the Central Valley have been working to create the next best piece of tech over the last 59 days.

They will compete in two categories - classic is open to any idea, meanwhile, ignite it specific to this year's theme of smart cities.

"It's a lot of stress, a big challenge, but it's a great and beneficial thing to bring the community together," said 59 Days of Code Board Director.

It also creates more interest in the tech field and hopes of revolutionizing the Central Valley.

Even if she does not take home top honors, Charest knows she will walk away with an experience that will make her app a more successful one.

"I'm excited to practice all of these elements that will propel the app and the company to the next level," said Charest.

Competitors take center stage at the 59 Days of Code Expo this Saturday.
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