AT&T launched first ever fixed internet service in Mendota

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Internet access is a necessity in today's world. For most, it never feels like it is never quite fast enough, but imagine having to use dial-up or not having any wireless access at all, this is how the city of Mendota has been living up until now. On Wednesday, for the first time ever AT&T launched its fixed wireless service to Mendota.

"Fixed wireless technology is a connection between an AT&T tower and an outdoor fixed piece of equipment at the customers home or a business and it provides a connection into the home to a WiFi router," said Julie Tone, Director of External Affairs for AT&T California.

The new service was brought to Mendota through the FCC Connect America Fund Program, which aims at providing high-speed internet access to underserved areas. The new wireless service will provide internet of at least 10 mega bites per second at an affordable cost to thousands.

"This is great news, that we were picked as one of the selected areas and it is something that we have been waiting for a while," said Robert Silva, Mendota City Council Member. "It is great for the businesses, community, great for the Ag folks, so they can get involved."

Ismael Herrera, Associate Director for Community and Economic Development at Fresno state said the new service will help his office in their goal of closing the digital divide.

"There are communities up and down the San Joaquin Valley, who do not have a connection to the internet at any speeds and there are many more who have connections, but the speeds are not adequate," said Herrera.

Information on the service has already been mailed out to residents. The service costs $50 if bundled with Direct TV or a wireless plan you also need to sign a one year contract.
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