Consumer Reports: Best headphones to keep your New Year's Resolution

Everyone has a preference when it comes to headphones for working out. And Consumer Reports should know. They test dozens of models each year for sound quality, features, comfort and fit. That's why CR says, if you can, try on headphones to see how they fit you before you buy them. More and more consumers are choosing wireless bluetooth models, in part because some smartphone manufacturers, like Apple, dropped the headphone jack from their flagship models.

A lot of headphones that are marketed as "wireless" still actually have a cable or a cord that connects to two earpieces. But there are some which are called true wireless headphones. True wireless headphones don't have a cord or a cable connecting the two earpieces, which gives you even more flexibility.

The downside to true wireless headphones, is they typically have a shorter battery life and, of course, they're easier to lose. When it comes to buying headphones, CR says it's important to figure out what kind of exercise you may use them for.

If you want a pair you can take in the pool, Consumer Reports recommends the JBL Endurance DIVE for $90. They're designed for swimming and have dependable sound quality.

If you work out at a gym but don't really like the music that they play, CR says the Sony WI-SP600N for $90 got very good scores for noise-cancelling and sound quality.