New creative devices and app's that might help you wake up in the morning

Waking up in the morning is almost like a magical experience these days for Ratana Tarakulsathit.

"My mornings are better because I feel a little more focused; I feel, more like, just a little more energy."

That wasn't always the case-- like many people Tarakulsathit used a traditional alarm clock with a more jolting sound.

"You get jarred awake and it makes you feel just more foggy and groggy."

Not to mention Tarakulsathit regularly hit the snooze button, but now she uses "Sleep Cycle"-- one of the many new apps and devices designed to help you wake up more rested and alert.

"There's a new wave of alarm clocks that are working with the natural environmental clues that we receive that help us to waken up naturally," said Dr. Natalie Dautovich, National Sleep Foundation.

Like gentle ocean sounds, the sound of bacon cooking, birds chirping, or gradual lighting.

"The gradual brightening of light from these devices is designed to mimic dawn when we are gradually moving from darkness to light," said Dr. Dautovich.

Experts with the National Sleep Foundation said the key is waking up during your lightest sleep cycle.

"When we wake up in the lightest stages of sleep we feel more alert, more oriented and we have less of the brain fog," said Dr. Dautovich.

To help get rid of grogginess and wake up more refreshed and alert, doctors suggest, no matter what device or app you find, always budget enough sleep time and have a consistent wake time.

If you have been having ongoing problems sleeping and waking up, you should talk with your doctor-- it could be a sign of a medical problem.
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