Apple's New Software Update Solves an Annoying Problem

All deleted apps will automatically be replaced after the update is complete.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Apple appears to have solved the most annoying part of updating your iPhone's operating system. Previously, users had to figure out which apps, songs and photos to delete to create enough free space for an upgrade.

Now, Apple's next operating system, iOS 9, has a solution to that. iOS 9 will automatically delete iPhone apps before installing the new operating system. Once installation is complete, the deleted apps will be re-installed. The feature was first noticed in beta testing by 16-year-old app developer Kaleb Butt.

iOS 9 will also require just 1.3 gigabytes of free space to upgrade. By comparison, iOS 8 requires more than three times the space. iOS 9 will be released this fall.
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