Restrictive order says censured FUSD trustee must remain 20 yards away from high school cheerleader

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A court order set up a dividing line between a controversial Fresno Unified school board member and a high school cheerleader.

Monday morning, a judge ruled, Fresno Unified Board member Terry Slatic and the Bullard high student must remain 20 yards apart, at all times.

"I tend to look at it a different way, she can't come near me," Slatic said.

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That student accused the board member of threatening her and other cheerleaders if they continued to speak about a controversial blackface video.

In court the student, along with her attorney, aimed for a restraining order. Slatic, who was under the impression they would be representing themselves, asked for the hearing to be postponed.

"There is a famous saying, maybe you know it, a person who represents themselves in court has an idiot for a client, so I am not going to go there and do that," Slatic said.

Instead, a restrictive order was put in place, requiring both Slatic and the student stay 20 yards apart from each other at all times.

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Slatic says the order might be hard to follow since he doesn't know who the cheerleader is.

"If that young lady who I've never seen until the courtroom this morning was in a line up like on Law and Order I couldn't pick her out, I wouldn't know what she looks like," he said.
According to Slatic, he doesn't believe the order will prevent him from doing his job.

He adds it's up to both of them to uphold the order.

This Wednesday he plans on attending a meeting at the Bullard High School campus.

"It would be very awkward, I guess, if we were turning a corner and we were both there, but I understand that judges understand there is a reality in the world, too," he said.

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Action News reached out to the Fresno Unified School District board members, Trustee Keisha Thomas said, "If (Slatic) had been doing his job he would not be in this situation... This child should be able to enjoy her high school years just as he did."

Action News reached out to the teen's family, who said they will not make a statement until a verdict is reached for the restraining order on October 7th.
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