Testimony gives look at Fresno Co. Jail shooting through the eyes of bystanders

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Thong Vang is on trial for attempted murder against the two correctional officers he shot.

Fresno County Correctional Officer Eulalio Gomez recounted what happened that day, "I believe I recall him saying 'You took my wife. You took my wife.' and at that point, I heard a gunshot and I saw the female, unfortunately, which was my co-worker Juanita Davila, fall to the ground and it appeared he had shot her."

But courtroom testimony Monday has shown that a lot of other people have been affected by the trauma on that day.

"I don't remember her even trying to defend herself," said Sharon Bagby, a witness. "I remember her being in shock."

Juanita Davila had tried to coax Vang into cooperation, but eventually got a firsthand view as chaos erupted and a few of her fellow officers tried to escape back into the safety of a vestibule. "Everyone from outside the vestibule ran back in," Fresno County Correctional Officer Chelsie Bovard. "The door secured. Then I saw Davila just fall."

As she fell, Officer Malama Scanlan tried to stop Vang with a Taser, which recorded video as the suspect pulled his gun.

What happened next shook everyone who watched.

"I saw his raised right hand with a Taser in his hand pointed to the direction of the defendant at which time I heard the gun discharge at which time I saw Officer Scanlan's hand fall down in an irregular manner," said Officer Gomez.

Officer Scanlan hasn't talked or walked on his own since then.

Vang's defense hasn't gotten started yet, but his attorney says his drug use kept him from forming the intent needed for attempted murder.
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