Madera police conduct more interviews in case of Thaddeus Sran, charges could be filed Tuesday

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Tuesday, July 28, 2020
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As the community continues to mourn, Madera Mayor Andy Medellin is planning to propose another tribute to the toddler.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Authorities in Madera say "significant interviews" took place Monday in the case of Thaddeus Sran.

The two-year-old was reported missing from his home on July 15. On July 23, a cadaver dog found a burned body believed to be the toddler in an orchard west of the city, and now his parents are in jail accused of murder.

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Signs of sorrow over the loss of Sran can be seen in several locations around Madera, from memorials to murals. The case has devastated the entire community.

Resident Raquel Rico says, "He's such a beautiful little soul, and it really hurts my heart. I have children, I have a baby about his age, and I look at my child, and it breaks my heart."

District Attorney Sally Moreno says she can feel that emotion but must focus on the facts.

She says, "You can't ignore what's going on in the community, and yet we have to make our decisions based on the facts before us and what's in the reports."

Moreno adds the Madera Police Department has continued working around the clock to investigate, even after announcing the arrests of the toddler's parents on Friday.

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Forty-two-year-old Sukhjinder Sran and 29-year-old Briseida Sran are both booked in jail on suspicion of murder and could be formally charged Tuesday.

Moreno explains, "We have until tomorrow to file, so we're going to wait until we have all the information we can have. It's our ethical obligation here at the District Attorney's office to only file those things we know we can prove, and we want to make sure we have as much information as we can so that we get it right."

The suspects have three other children, and authorities say Briseida is also currently 8 months pregnant. They had a baby girl who passed away in 2015.

Action News obtained court documents filed in 2017 by another man with whom she shares a child.

In the request for more visitation, the father says the boy and his siblings were previously removed by CPS and quote "no charges were filed against her.

"I feel like if she can get away with that situation, she is capable of getting away with other stuff as well." However, the father's request was denied.

Autopsy results for the body believed to be Thaddeus have not yet been released.

As the community continues to mourn, Madera Mayor Andy Medellin is planning to propose another tribute to the toddler.

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He says he would like to ask the city council at their August 5 meeting to consider naming a playground for children with special needs at Centennial Park after Thaddeus.