Fires across Fresno keep crews busy on Thanksgiving

In all, there was a 15% increase in fires on Thanksgiving over a typical day.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Thanksgiving was no holiday off for Fresno Fire crews.

They rushed from blaze to blaze, knocking out fires throughout the city - in all, a 15% increase in fires over a typical day.

The 125 calls for service on average for each day includes emergencies along with fires. For example. medical, rescue, hazards, and etc. The fire department had an overall 15% increase in calls for service compared to an average day.

Officials say the spike in fires can be attributed to more people being home because of COVID shutdowns and the holidays.

Another factor of concern: an uptick in reported homeless activity.

On Thanksgiving and into the early morning, Battalion Chief Bob Camp says homeless activity was reported in three different locations - one on Kings Canyon and Clovis; a second four hours later off of Sierra and Blackstone.

And no sooner did crews leave that scene, they had to rush to a third one on East White.

"That fire was a huge risk not only to anybody that could have been in that building at the time that the fire was started, it's also a major risk to the neighbors as well," says Camp.

Every fire also increases the risk of firefighters getting hurt. Camp says you can help report fires by using the FresGo app.

"If you are in a neighborhood and you see a vacant structure and you see people squatting or occupying a building that they're not supposed to be in, you can go on the FresGo app and make a notification. Law enforcement has a task force so they can go out and see what's going on and move people along as necessary.

The chief says emergencies can happen to anyone, so he suggests having a fire and exit plan.

Make sure your smoke detectors and a carbon monoxide monitor are in working condition.
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