'Reality Tour' teaches parents, teens about the danger of drugs

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Dozens of families showed up for The Reality Tour, a drug prevention program aimed at teens.

"It's great for the parents and teens to attend it together, to continue that conversation, open up those lines of communication between parents and their kids about the dangers," said Kelly Trevino.

Trevino has a teen daughter and younger son. She was curious to learn what she could do to help raise her kids on the right path.

The tour started with an arrest.

"She's sixteen years old, what do you mean you are going to take her?"

In the scenario, a teen was caught with drugs and sent to jail. Her parents bailed her out. Next, she was at a party where she overdosed and later died.

Immediately, tourgoers felt overwhelmed with emotion as they watched a mother and father try to accept the fact that their daughter died.

Fresno Police Capt. Anthony Martinez said the department has had this program for a few years and hopes other families will think about attending.

"It was really taken to by the students and parents, and all the reviews that we were receiving said it was a powerful and impactful message," Martinez said.

After the tour, students and their parents got helpful information, including learning about the dangers of vaping.

"They are going to learn a lot about how vaping has become a huge trend and why that's so bad, harmful, and dangerous. They will watch a video about that. They are going to walk away with resources on prevention and treatment within the county and the city," said James White with the California Health Collaborative. "They are going to have a number of different techniques that they learn, such as a quick phone call home when you are in a bad situation."

If you missed out on this one, the department will host other events. You can get more information here.
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