Police made bust on big identity theft ring in Southeast Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Friday, police made a bust on a big identity theft ring in Southeast Fresno.

Deputies say this is one of the many identity theft cases they see.

They say the suspect was making fake ID's and giving them to criminals to steal money.

The suspect, Hoover Alford, is behind bars tonight.

Authorities say he has a history of this crime and faced some trouble involving identity theft charges back in 2013.

Detectives say they caught him in the act again, and this time, the punishment could be more severe.
Stolen car after a stolen car was towed away from this Southeast Fresno home.

In the back of the house, Fresno County Sheriff's investigators found people's drivers licenses and credit cards, along with dozens of computers and printers being used to create fake ID's and steal thousands of dollars from hundreds of victims.

Investigators say he was making fake driver licenses, allowing crooks to make illegal purchases, primarily vehicles from auto dealers.

The investigation was conducted by the Fresno HEAT task force aimed at stopping auto theft.

Tony Botti with the Sheriff's Department says common ways these criminals get information is through stolen mail or wallets, and other times, it is ways beyond our control.

"We hear about data breaches whether it's a big box store and that goes over our head because we don't see it immediately," said Botti.

And whether it's fake ID's or cashing in fake checks, Botti says it's a problem they see too often.

Along with Alford, Jose Martinez was also arrested at the home as detectives say he was a customer.

Detectives will now have to look through all the evidence and getting in touch with some folks who may have fallen victim to the crime.

Alford faces more than 20 charges of identity theft, forgery, operating a chop shop, and possession of the stolen property.
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