From hot sauce to handmade goods, there's plenty to sample, try and buy from vendors at the Big Fresno Fair

Ghost Scream hot sauce is hot commodity at the Big Fresno Fair.

"People love it, even people who do not like spice are surprised by how tasty it is," says Matthew Sisson, owner of Ghost Scream. "We use ghost peppers as our heat source, but we blend a lot to bridge the gap between heat and flavor."

Every year, the San Clemente-based company brings the heat with their award-winning hot sauce.

Their peppers are grown in the Central Valley and the fair allows them to sell their food locally.

"This is my brick and mortar and it really is a great way to introduce people to new products," Sisson says.

Every year, tens of thousands make their way to the fair, many making a stop at the Commerce building where several business are housed. The fair gives them the opportunity to reach a large audience.

"The buildings have everything you could ever want," says Lauri King, Big Fresno Fair Deputy Manager. "There is every gizmo and gadget you could ever need."

Vendors range from national to local.

Jeremy McCool co-owns Fresno-based business McCool Creations with his wife. For the last three years they've dazzled at the BFF with their handmade custom vanities.
"Their eyes and their mouths just drop and they gasp saying, 'Oh my gosh, I want that so bad'," says McCool.

The large venue allows them to reach new clients.

"Not everybody is ready to make a big purchase, whether it is massage chairs or vanities, but at least getting our name out there so when they are ready to make purchase, they know where to come," he says.

Madera honey producer M & D Honey Inc. operates out of the Ag building. They are handing out sweet samples with a side of education.

Hundreds of their coworkers are also in attendance.

"I tell all people, 'All honey is real honey, but not all honey is good honey'," says Tolmachoff. "There is a difference between taste, when you buy it locally versus when you buy it in the store."

Including food, the fair has a total of 220 vendors across the grounds, offering up choices you can see, feel and, of course, taste.
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