Thieves hit ranch four times in 1 night, steal property worth $10,000

TULARE COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Along Avenue 160 in Tipton, you'll find more dairy cows than you'll find people.

Deputies say four thieves took advantage of the rural location, sneaking onto a ranch Sunday night and looting everything they could find.

"They were very comfortable, you can tell that it's not their first time," says Lt. Joe Torres of the Tulare County Sheriff's Office

The homeowner was out of town during the burglary.

But his cameras were rolling.

They captured two men and two women making multiple trips, taking hand tools, a computer, and electronic equipment.

They also stole a classic 1958 Cadillac Deville, which gave detectives the break they needed.

"It's hard to understand why criminals do what they do. To be in a Cadillac, especially a classic Cadillac attracts a lot of attention," said Torres.

A day after the burglary, deputies found the car in the Tulare Walmart parking lot.

Behind the wheel was 27-year-old Catlin Marshall.

Detectives used her to find the others who were involved.

"The people that we've interviewed have told us they are known for this. So it's not surprising they were so brazen."

Deputies were able to recover all the stolen property - worth about $10,000.

There could be other victims.

Investigators are going over other thefts near Tipton to see if the same crew may be responsible.
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