Three students accused Clovis East teacher of sexual misconduct

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- New details have emerged from the investigation into a Clovis East High School teacher arrested for sexual misconduct with some of his students.

Action News dug up the warrant leading to Damon Eric Wright's arrest halfway through his first year teaching chemistry. It says three students accused wright of having graphic sexual conversations with them, and for two of the girls, things got even worse.

The Clovis East campus got a shock last week in the form of an email announcing the arrest of chemistry teacher Damon Wright.

The 48-year-old disappeared from campus in late February without explanation. Clovis Police have revealed they arrested him for sexual misconduct. Now, an arrest warrant shows two girls said Wright touched them on the thigh. One said he spanked her.

Prosecutors decided it amounted to a misdemeanor crime of annoying or molesting the girls.

"Perhaps the manner in which it was done, maybe some history between these individuals and him, and where exactly this occurred, that might to almost anyone be an annoying event," said legal analyst Mark Broughton.

Broughton says prosecutors will have to prove what Wright did would've bothered a normal person and gave him some form of gratification.

Another detail from the arrest warrant could support that accusation: The three girls also accused him of talking to them about sexual preferences and other sexually graphic topics.

"Those types of things go on all the time," Broughton said. "They don't necessarily rise to the level of criminal conduct, but here you have a teacher, you have students who are under 18, probably inappropriate to be discussing those type of things, certainly in a chemistry class."

Wright turned himself into the jail to be arrested and bailed out the same day, but there could be a catch. He posted only $3,000 bail when he was supposed to post $15,000, so he may be subject to arrest again.

He's due in court to enter a plea in July.
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