Central Unified welcomes students back to school

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- It is a new beginning for Tilley Elementary School in west-central Fresno.

"We have put so much work into just making this feel like home over the last two months that we all are super ecstatic to welcome these kids here with open arms and open hearts," said Tilley Elementary School, Kristin Ginger.

The campus was completely redone after a multi-million dollar upgrade. It is the first two-story school in the Central Unified School District, equipped with state of the art equipment and technology. Before students were being taught in portables, some even had to temporarily go to other schools. Today about 650 students are making their way onto the newly remodeled campus for the first time.

"I like it, it is big," said fourth-grader Quincy Moore.

"I like it because it has more books than the other library," said third-grader Sophia Moore.

For others, it is the first time they ever go to school, that is the case for kindergartner Nidalee Beirg. Her mom was right by her side guiding her on what was already been a stressful day.

"She woke up actually okay and then started crying. she asked if she could bring a doll and I told her she had to wait until after to play with toys, it will be fun, it will be fun and then she cheered up a bit," said Alexa Beirg, Nidalee's mom.

She is not sure about school yet.

"I am just good," said Nidalee.

But mama knew best, once she hit the playground she was all smiles.

Central Unified is the third largest school district in the Central Valley. Their vision doesn't end at Tilley, next up, they are working on a new high school.

"It will hold about 2,500 kids, it has three two-story academic buildings, it has a state of the art, unique cafeteria design," said Central Unified superintendent Andrew Alvarado.

The new high school is located Ashlan and Grantland next to Glacier Point Middle School. They broke ground earlier this summer and expect to have it completed within the next two years.
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