Detectives investigate 2nd homicide in 24 hours in Parlier after man shot and killed

It's the second deadly shooting in the city in the last 24 hours and Parlier's third homicide of the year.
PARLIER, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno County deputies are investigating two homicides in Parlier.

Officials say they are not connected but they both happened on Sunday, less than a mile apart.

"This is highly unusual for our community, highly unusual," says Parlier City Manager Sonia Hall. "There's a lot of years that go by without any murders at all."

Just before 10 pm Sunday night, deputies say 35-year-old Martin Gutierrez was shot and killed near Gardenia Avenue and Poppy Street.

Around 4:45 Sunday morning, two men were shot in a neighborhood on Ninth and Whitner. One of them, 52-year-old Silvano Mendoza, died from his injuries.

This comes after Parlier's first homicide of the year less than two months ago. Local business owners are now worried about the uptick in violence.

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Alma Salguro is a hairdresser at a salon off Manning Avenue.

She believes the city needs more patrols, especially around her business.

"We need cops around here, just around us to make us feel a little secure," she said.

Hall believes statewide, changes that have reduced jail or prison time are making criminals bolder. She met with the police chief Monday and says the city is taking steps to address the problem, including adjustments to the budget.

"Our plan is just to add more officers, to get more operations out into the streets, to partner with the other cities because we are noticing that we've got crime - people from other cities coming into our town," she said.

Officials are also planning to install cameras at the entrance and exits of the city.

"So we do want the community to know that things are going to change," Hall said.

The Parlier police department has 15 officers right now, and the city is working to hire 5 more.

So far, authorities have not identified any suspects or determined possible motives for the shootings on Sunday.

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