Fresno police seeing increase in car break-ins in Tower District

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Tower District in central Fresno is a nightlife hot spot. But Fresno police say it's also a hot spot for car burglaries.

"We have seen a higher number of car break-ins in the last couple of months than maybe what we had seen in previous months, says Fresno Police Capt. Rob Beckwith.

A viewer says he was parked near Splash on Olive when the man on a bike broke into his car.

The car owner says a man broke his window and stole a toolbox.

"Items are left in plain sight, vehicles are left unlocked or parked in areas that are not well-lit," Capt. Beckwith said. "Those are all things that contribute to these types of crimes."

Officers say thieves target cars in the Tower District because they know after some people have too much to drink, they leave their cars parked overnight.

"It's kind of a catch-22 because we don't want people driving after they've been drinking, so they make a really good choice to not drive and leave their car," Capt. Beckwith said. "Unfortunately, their car ends up getting broken into."

With the holidays approaching, police say even more cars will be broken into as people often leave shopping bags filled with recently bought presents on car seats in plain sight.

"Those are just inviting, unfortunately, these thieves to target those cars," Capt. Beckwith said.

Fresno Police have increased patrols in the Tower area and have even made several arrests, suspects officers say have broken into multiple cars.

Getting them off the streets should help reduce break-ins.
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