'Toys For Tots' collecting toys for 50,000 children in Fresno County

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's more than just a toy.

"It can change a kids life," said Mike Aguilar, Chairman for the Fresno County Marine Corps League.

It's the Merry, in Merry Christmas and the Happy, in Happy Holidays. The Dolls, stuffed animals and other new and unwrapped the Toys For Tots boxes are all going to children who need them most.

"When I see the smile on their face, it warms my heart that we are doing something good for the community," said Aguilar.

The Fresno County Marine Corps League kicked off their annual Toys for Tots drive the first of December. Aguilar said they are off to good start, but the need in Fresno County is huge. They are only a few days in, but already they are distributing about 3,000 toys to schools going on the break early.

"Our need doesn't go away and Fresno County has always helped us and they have come through for us and I am hoping and praying they come through again," said Aguilar.

Aguilar knows first hand how impactful these gifts can be. When he was a boy he was given a basketball. He said it changed his life.

"I ended up being a good basketball player and played for my high school, because of that ball I received when I was 12-years-old," he said.

Donation needs change as the month progresses. Aguilar said currently they need toys for girls ages 8 to 12 and toddlers zero to three years old. What is certain, is that every toy and cash donation goes a long way

"we need the public because we can only give what public gives us," said Aguilar.

Their goal is to put toys in the hands of 50,000 children before Christmas. For a list of where you can donate click here.

You can also donate starting this Friday at Riverpark during the Toys for Tots Marathon Weekend.
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