Here's a look at some the top toys this holiday season

Parents are already starting to pick up toys for their kids before the Christmas rush begins.

We take a look at some of the toys little ones have been requesting.

One of the hottest sellers for Best Buy since it added a toy department are 'LOL Surprise dolls'. They are all the rage according to our expert, 10-year-old Jade Lee.

"You don't know which one you're going to get or who you're going to get. You might get two of the same ones and they call those twins," said Jade.

Jade says there are just so many different ones that you can dress up. Over 35 in fact.

"The LOL dolls are really popular right now. Basically, every kid likes getting a surprise no matter when it is and every one of your LOL dolls is going to be a surprise," said Assistant Manager J.D. Brown.

Best Buy has added a toy section and Assistant Manager J.D. Brown says kids also like to see things come to life like Hatchimals.

"We've had the Hatchimals for a little while but they're still super popular this Christmas season," said Brown.

The 'Scruff A Love' starts out as a big furball until you soak it in water then it forms an animal that kids can play with.

Kids apparently also like super squishy and even gross items like Unicorn poop. It's a thing.

So is 'Pimple Pete' a game where kids pull on a zit and get sprayed with water.

And we're not making this one up. The object of 'Don't Step In It' is to avoid stepping on little piles of brown dough.

Thankfully, stores still stock old favorites like Hot Wheels.

6-year-old Zach Belderol was browsing while mom looked for electronics.

"Have you given mom and dad a list of what you want for Christmas or do you tell them? Like a new Nerf gun. Cool huh. Is the old one broken? Yeah it's kind of like jammed," said Zach.

Game consoles are always popular and so is the 'Nintendo Labo.'

"What it allows your little one to do build their own interactive controller with their Nintendo switch at home. They have a fishing game at home, they can actually create a fishing lure," said Brown.

And the popular fingerling toys now feature the Untamed T-Rex which apparently lets out gas.
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