4 of the top 10 cities known for aggressive driving are in California

It should come as no surprise that Los Angeles was the number one city on the list. Sacramento was third, San Francisco was fifth and San Diego was sixth.

The study, by fuel-savings app GasBuddy, looked at the frequency of speeding, braking and acceleration to gauge aggressiveness.

LA and Philadelphia were the leaders in hard braking and rapid acceleration.

Here's how GasBuddy explained their methods:

"The findings were compiled using data from our Drives feature in the GasBuddy app that offers drivers an assessment of their driving habits during their trip in an effort to improve fuel efficiency, mapping out when and where a poor driving habit occurred."
The Top 10 cities with the most aggressive drivers:

Los Angeles

Sacramento, Calif.
San Francisco
San Diego

Orlando, Fla.
Austin, Texas
Las Vegas
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