Storms produce more potholes; City of Fresno work to fill before next bout of rain

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's inevitable, a whole new set of potholes seem to spring up after every storm.

But Fresno city leaders are trying to be as proactive as possible.

That's why the city is stepping up road repair patrol following the latest round of winter storms.

"Normally during summer months we might only have one or two crews working but right now we've ramped up the effort to have six crews," said Public Works Director Scott Mozier.

Road crews strictly dedicated to pothole repairs.

We found workers filling the annoying roadway hazards in East Central Fresno Tuesday.

They say they'll fill roads dozens of times a day following a typical storm.

"Potholes are really just a symptom of a deeper problem of streets that are in need of repair and repaving. We have about $600k worth of differed maintenance but also a very aggressive program now for repaving and repairing streets," Mozier said.

But with the weather expected to take another turn by Wednesday night, city leaders understand we could see a pothole overload by the weekend.

"As long as we have good weather we're out filling potholes we have crews repairing concrete we're getting as much done as possible. Then when the storm comes we shift over to clearing drains addressing pumps and issues like that," Mozier said.

The best way to report a pothole is by using the FresGO app.

If it's near your house you can even take a picture of it and send it and the city says they'll respond within an hour.
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