ONLY IN L.A.: Man with headphones strolling in lanes of 110 Fwy during morning rush hour

SOUTH LOS ANGELES -- Only in Los Angeles: A man was spotted walking in lanes of the northbound 110 Freeway Thursday morning, wearing headphones and making no effort to avoid being hit by traffic.

The unidentified man was seen walking in the middle of a lane of the northbound 110 Freeway near Slauson Avenue in the South Los Angeles area around 8:40 a.m. Thursday.

He was strolling in the middle of one of the left lanes, carrying a bag in one hand and apparently not trying to get to the side of the road and out of harm's way.

Since it was in L.A., traffic was of course already slow for the morning rush hour and cars were simply swerving around him and continuing on their way.

The video was posted on Instagram by @JDRAIMER.

"Only in LA will you find a guy walking down the number 1 lane of the 110 N during rush hour and that's not the reason it's bumper to bumper traffic!" he wrote in the post.

"He had headphones in and was casually walking without a care in the world. People were just going around him," he added.

There was no immediate word on what happened with the man afterward or whether any accidents were reported in relation to the incident.
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