Fly do! Couple gets 'married' aboard JetBlue flight

Many engaged couples travel by plane to their destination wedding. But Dina Zawaski and Charles Belliveau decided to get "married" aboard a JetBlue flight instead.

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With the couple both working non-profit jobs and packing in a combined $50,000 in student loan debt, they had to put their wedding off. Ten years after they started dating, they decided to finally just go for it and elope.

"We hopped on a plane to Seattle and planned to secretly elope after road tripping down to San Diego, staying with (and surprising) friends along the way," Zawaski said on YouTube.

That didn't stop JetBlue from throwing the couple a "wedding" ceremony aboard the Seattle-bound flight. With flight attendants assisting with the ceremony and the cabin passengers filling in for the friends and family back home, the couple happily read their airline vows and danced down the aisle as a passenger played saxophone from the front of the plane.

"The 'wedding' that JetBlue (thankfully) put on for us was more elaborate than the actual wedding ceremony we had planned," Zawaski said. "We exchanged letters to each other at our secret ceremony instead of rings or 'wings' and never in my wildest dreams did I think we would have a saxophone serenade at any point during our trip."

The ceremony, however, wasn't official, so the couple got married for real after the flight. Dina and Charles have also organized a Honeyfund page for donations so they don't have to wait another 10 years to celebrate with their families.
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