Trial offers look into chaos as man opened fire in Fresno Co. Jail

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- More footage for attorneys to dissect and jurors to pour over was presented in court in Downtown Fresno on Thursday in the case against Thong Vang.

Fresno County Corrections Sergeant Christopher Curran's Taser camera captured a different perspective from the one offered Wednesday in the trial's opening day for the 2016 shooting at the Fresno County Jail that severely injured two correctional officers.

"I heard shots when I came out of the vestibule, so by the time I got to (the jailhouse lobby), I had heard shots," said Sgt. Curran.

On that fateful day Sgt. Curran served as a member of the jail's special emergency response team.

Sgt. Curran testified he used his Taser on Vang while the suspect was being confronted by Officer Juanita Davila. "I acquired the target which was the defendant. Davila moved over so I had a good shot. I took it. It went to his left shoulder and somewhere on his upper abdomen."

Fresno County Corrections Lieutenant Michael Porter said he grabbed his .45 caliber department-issued handgun and headed to the jailhouse lobby after sensing there was trouble over the radio.

"I heard a bang," said Lt. Porter. "Once I proceeded through the door, looked up and Mr. Vang was then looking at me." Lt. Porter fired his weapon five times without hitting the suspect.

Thong Vang is facing up to 102 years to life in prison.

The trial will resume Monday.
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