Trial wraps up for man accused of randomly shooting at cars in Fresno County

FRESNO, Calif. -- The jury has now reached a verdict in a case against a man who deputies say terrorized drivers in random Fresno County crime spree.

He's accused of shooting at random cars on his way to and from work late last year.

Jorge Gracia could face life in prison if he's convicted.

Thursday his defense attorney wrapped things, saying no one ever identified her client

During the trial, Gracia took the stand in his own defense.

But the prosecutor used many of his statements against him- pointing out a lot of inconsistencies. She said he was also paranoid from his everyday meth use.

One by one Deputy District Attorney Katherine Plante described each sudden random shooting that caught drivers by surprise last winter- many off Highway 145 near Kerman.

Then she showed jurors where cell phone tower pings collected from Jorge Gracia's phone during each incident.

The attacks, which occurred during commute times shocked drivers mostly because of where they were happening and when.

It happened so fast Gracia's Attorney says the victims aren't going to see the vehicle much less the driver. But the circumstantial evidence is what the defense attorney said may point to Gracia's innocence.

"This case is predominately a circumstantial case. Aside from the Walmart incident- every other incident is based on circumstantial evidence because nobody directly saw Mr. Gracia commit those crimes," said Gracia's attorney, Emily Takao.

The gun was shown once again to jurors. The one that as a felon- Gracia wasn't supposed to have. He initially told detectives he bought it months earlier but later said he found it near the Sanger cemetery in late December.

"Science doesn't lie. And he was the one using that gun to shoot those people. And we know that too. And when he found out that we knew. He tried to destroy evidence," said Plante.

Jurors deliberated for a few hours Thursday and did reach a decision.

That verdict will be read tomorrow morning at 9 am.