Selma murder suicide leaves 3 dead including the gunman

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SELMA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Police confirm the suspect in a double murder is dead. Two women were shot and killed at a home in Selma Monday afternoon. The shooter then turned the gun on himself.

Investigators are not revealing any information about a clear motive. They're still working with relatives and witnesses to figure out how the two murder victims and the suspect are connected.

The outside crime scene was so disturbing police shielded the area with a large red tarp. Investigators say the shooter arrived at the home early Monday afternoon and shot a woman outside. Then, they say, he went inside where he shot his apparent girlfriend and then himself.

"It's scary," said one neighbor. "I mean you don't think that's going to happen, especially down the street four houses. No, that's not okay."

The neighbor asked not to be identified. But she heard the gunfire and ran down the street to see what happened. She tells Action News she got within 5 feet of the first victim. It was a terrifying scene that she and several others witnessed, including one woman who apparently saw the shooting.

"She was so scared," the neighbor said. "She had to hide behind a trash can 'cause she didn't know what else to do."

Police say the victims are women in their 30s and 40s. Their names have not been released, nor has the shooter's.

As for a motive police and neighbors say it may be linked to money. "There was some conversation about money," said Police Chief Greg Garner. "We haven't got enough statements from enough of the witnesses to put that together."

Chief Garner says the suspect's apparent girlfriend recently moved into the home with her family. "One of the victims was staying at the location, it wasn't her principal residence," he said. "The shooter did not live at the residence, nor did the other victim that was found at the location."

Investigators do not have an extensive history of calls to the home. They say six other people were inside when the shooting began, including children.

Neighbors are still stunned by the murders. "My neighborhood, we're really close knit and keep an eye out for each other," one neighbor says. "For something like this to happen, it's insane."

Neighbors say a lot of family members lived in that home, but they never had any problems with them.

Investigators are expected to release more information about this case Tuesday morning.

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