Good Sports: Local Freestyle BMX rider hoping to make it to the X Games

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Freestyle BMX is an extreme sport that's seen in the X Games every year and will be featured as a sport in the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games.

To get into a sport like BMX, you have to be a little reckless.

Tristin Jacobs, 20, isn't afraid to push the limits-and has the moves to back it up.

"Learned how to first do tail whips, bar spins, 720's, three whips, truck drivers," said Jacobs.

Without explaining every move we'll just say Jacobs is talented as the Coarsegold native turned pro last December.

But getting better comes with a laundry list of injuries.

"Two ACL reconstructions cracked four vertebrae in my spine...and I cracked my sternum," said Jacobs.

But the injuries just part of the path he hopes takes him to his ultimate goal one day making the X Games.

"It's what he loves to do so no matter what the cost is on it. It would be amazing to see him at X Games because I know everything that would go into it," said Tristin's mother Becky Jacobs.

The skate park Tristin started practicing it isn't your typical park.

John Lorenzana, the youth director at Yosemite lakes Church, built the ramps himself and right away saw Tristin coming three days a week to practice.

"He can find better equipment and better parks but I think it's in him to be a teacher," said Lorenzana.

While a job laying concrete takes up most of his time, Tristin spends the rest of it giving back to the younger generation.

"He's just a teacher by nature. I don't think I've had any youth leader that's done it better."

So while Tristin chases the X Games along the way he's leaving a legacy for other riders to follow.

"I've been born and raised in a church and what better to have than two and one-a skate park and a church."
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