Tulare Co. K9 shot after it mistakes undercover detective as carjacking suspect

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Sheriff Mike Boudreaux says the K-9 named Jack is taking antibiotics but is up and moving.

He should be able to go home Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

The sheriff also says the mix-up happened after a K9 deputy and an undercover deputy were in pursuit of the same carjacking suspect.

The sheriff says the detective is doing okay, but upset he had to make that choice.

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The Tulare County Sheriff's Office says one of its detectives who was working undercover on Tuesday morning was forced to shoot one of the department's K9's after the dog confused him for a carjacking suspect they were chasing and wouldn't let go of his tactical vest.

Maria Martin owns Travieso's Barber Shop. An interpreter told Action News what she saw from her front window.
"She did see one of the sheriff's kind of run towards the same area as the K9, but the K9 turned around and once he bumped into the sheriff, he turned back around, and that's when she saw that the K9 jumped on top of the other officer, and then right after, that's when she heard the gunshot," they said.

By the time she heard the shot, Maria realized deputies were probably chasing the two men she saw jump out of a Jeep moments before.

She went to lock her shop but was so nervous she couldn't find her keys.

"She said she was kind of scared that you know, the guys from the car might come this way and get inside her shop and try to take off through the back, so she was really nervous," they said.

But the main suspect, Ricardo Aguirre ran across the street.

Detectives and the K9 went after him, and at some point during the chase, the detective opened fire on the K9.
Jorge Estevez heard the shot and saw the suspect run through his business.

"Just out of nowhere I seen a guy run through here, through the inside and went through the back door and I don't know if he jumped the fence or not and that's when all the cops went through here again," he said.

The sheriff's office arrested Aguirre at the auto shop. He was wanted for a carjacking and robbery.

Ricardo Acgruirre was arrested at the scene. (Tulare County Sheriff's Office)

Sheriff's officials say the detective shot the K9 in the neck, but the dog will survive.

The Tulare Police Department is now investigating the incident as requested by Sheriff Boudreaux.
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