Smart Lab travels through Valley schools to give students hands on lessons in science

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Hauling a 40-foot long trailer every day may seem tedious, but for Denise Goodman, it is a positive path to education.

She takes the Science, Mathematics and Resource Technology (Smart Lab) to the children of Tulare County.

"I want kids to understand that science is everywhere and everything," said Goodman.

"This is what's going to link those molecules those polyvinyl alcohol molecules together."

Sarah Tshimika and her fellow third graders learned about chemical reactions.

"We learned about liquids and gasses and solids," said Sarah.

Creating a solid out of liquids put smiles on the young faces and gave them a dose of inspiration.

"At first when I came in it felt like I was a scientist."said Sarah.

Magnuss Janbergs thinks science is fun and necessary.

"If nobody knew about science then they wouldn't know how the world was made and stuff," said Magnuss.

For 18 years, the Smart Lab has traveled to schools that may not have access to microscopes or models.

"Life earth and physical, microscopes, we have a planetarium, we have body models, we have skeletons, we have electricity," said Goodman.

More than 10,000 Kindergarten through eighth grade students are served through the partnership between Porterville College, Tulare County Office of Education, and local supporters.

"Children don't' get very many experiences, they don't get to go see different things, where the smart lab, they get to see different science project they can use, work with and they also get to take it home too," said Monson-Sultana teacher Susan Farhang.

Kids got a kick out of creating slime but they asked questions about the wonders of nature and may one day embark on research to find their own conclusions.

"I would want to learn why in only fall, why do leaves fall," said Magnuss.

Knowing the smart lab is sparking curiosity and career goals.

"Probably a scientist or an engineer." said Magnuss.
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